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Become a profitable trader without complicated analysis, guesswork or discretion.

Utilise our step-by-step advanced profit-generating strategies to finally make money from your trading. 

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What makes our Trading Academy different?

We actually KNOW our strategies work

How many times have you joined a trading group and been told a strategy works, without any data to prove it? Are you supposed to just blindly believe the strategy makes money? We believe in proof, that's where real trading confidence comes from, so all our strategies are proven to work by years of accurate data.

Simple, results-driven trading

It may feel cool to show your confusing looking chart analysis but professional traders are here to make money, and we know profits are made by taking the same simple steps again and again. There's no need to overcomplicate trading... so we don't!

We care about our Limitless students 

Your questions are always answered, you're never alone and you'll always have all the support you need. You get any future upgraded content at no extra cost. We truly go above and beyond for our students to help you achieve your trading goals.


You'll have access to:

- Multiple data-proven, advanced profit-generating strategies. Save time by implementing our ready-to-use mechanical strategies, without complicated analysis, guesswork or discretion.

- Step-by-step video lesson course (50+ videos) supported by supplementary PDFs and Cheat Sheets for enhanced learning. No 'fluff' just actionable content.

- Downloadable Trading Plans.

- New content weekly designed to address any challenges along the way, to keep our students on the path to success.

- Exclusive Discord community.

- Private 24/7 support from mentors.

- And more!

(For more specific details please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we would be happy to discuss with you).

Our story

I discovered trading back in 2015 in my first year at University. I was the typical student, with no money, working part time jobs to get by at a football stadium, in retail and in a hot, sweaty kitchen. I had no real idea where I was heading in my life, I just knew I wanted to make money by doing something I love because I hated every job I'd ever had. Then a new friend told me about trading, showed me his demo account with thousands in profits and I was sold the dream. I deposited £800 of student loan and savings into my first account convinced I was going to change my life... I blew the whole account in 1 night. There were tears and I stayed away from trading for a while.

When I came back I deposited a smaller £250 into an account, bought my first trading course and took my first winning trade for the giant sum of +£7.80! It may have been little but that's all I needed to know this was possible. From here on I've been obsessed with trading. Each year I've become better and better and have been living from trading as my primary income ever since I left University. It's meant I can get a house with my girlfriend and feel comfortable in building a life. I'm not so interested in material things, instead I value feeling at peace and having lots of time freedom... and that's what I have. I have complete control of my schedule, every afternoon to myself and am not stressed for money.

I've used this freedom to start a trading academy and found a passion for guiding traders to profits while avoiding all the mistakes I made along the way. I love being so involved in our community every day, answering 
questions, making ongoing content and talking with our aspiring traders. If you're someone who is serious about finding success as a trader and changing your life through the money to be made and time freedom to be gained, this is the place for you and I will give my all to guide you there.

James, Limitless Forex Academy Owner


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