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Limitless Forex Academy

Premium Course and Community


What We Offer

Premium Trading Course

Our step-by-step course is designed to get you taking accurate trades as quickly as possible. Our strategies are all thoroughly tested and supported by statistics, so you always have confidence in taking your trades. 

Live Trading Room

Join our exclusive live trading room and learn from our expert traders. Follow our real trades as they happen, and earn while you learn. We guide you through every step of your trading every day. 


Join our exclusive community and connect with other traders, share ideas, and get support when you need it most. You'll never be struggling alone again.

Unlock your trading potential

Just imagine where you would be in a year if you started today...

Without the Premium Course and Community
Lots of losing trades
Low confidence
Emotional rollercoaster
Failed challenges
No idea where to go next
With the Premium Course and Community
High probability trades
Low loss rate
Confident mechanical entries
Proven route to success
Relaxed, peaceful days
Clear path to consistent profits

Why Choose Us


Years of Experience


Worldwide members


Millions in student funded capital

Course and community details

What's included?

- Extremely profitable strategies.


Our strategies are always high win rate, low loss rate, and simplified into a step by step process that's easy for you to follow on every trade. We offer strategies optimised for both the London and New York sessions.

- Simplified video course with additional pdfs and cheat sheets.

This isn't one of those stupidly long and confusing courses. We've carefully constructed a course containing all important details and ignored the 'fluff', meaning you won't have to dedicate months just for getting through our content.

- Our exact trades.

We're not hiding because we know we can trade and our strategy works, so we share our real trades with our members. You'll be guided through each trading session, step by step every day. The idea is for you to be able to earn while you learn the strategy, so you can get up to speed faster.

- Downloadable Trading Plans.

- Discord community access.

- Mentor support.

We pride ourselves on supporting our members at all times. If you have a question, we are there to answer. This is not a group where you learn alone - you will have access to all the supported and guidance you need.

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Strategy Performance

Our strategies are designed with passing funding challenges in mind.


They are thoroughly tested and developed to avoid large negative periods and maximise positive growth.


See how our main AER strategy has performed since the start of 2022...

*Disclaimer - Past results do not guarantee future profits.

Also please note we do not trade in December.

% Return (Based on 1% risk per trade)
$ Return on 100k Funded Account
Cumulative $ Return on Funded Account
Jan 22




Feb 22




Mar 22




Apr 22




May 22




Jun 22




Jul 22




Aug 22




Sep 22




Oct 22




Nov 22




Jan 23




Feb 23




Mar 23




Apr 23




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Jun 23




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Nov 23




Jan 24




Feb 24




Limitless Forex Academy

Premium Course and Community

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What Limitless traders say...









1 / How can I join?

Press the "Join the team' button available throughout this page and complete the joining process.

2 / How many payments are there?

There is a single payment, giving you lifetime access to all Limitless Forex Academy content and any future upgrades. There are no additional payments for the Limitless Forex Academy Premium Course and Community.

3 / What happens when I join? How do I access everything?

Once you have completed the joining process and payment, you'll automatically receive an email providing instructions and links to our content and service.

4 / How long will I have access for?

For as long as you choose to stay in our community. You get lifetime access to everything included.

5 / What if I need help?

We pride ourselves on our member support. You can easily reach out in our community or private DM to get any help you need.


Get in Touch

Have a question or comment? Need help with your account? We are always here to help. Contact us anytime at or fill out the form.

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