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Academy or Pro?

The forex learning world is a mess, with too many fake traders promising genuine, hardworking people quick profits in return for £400-500+ in joining fees. These fake traders sell a huge course that gives a lot of basic information but actually lacks the key information you need in order to trade. This means ​that you are no nearer your goal of consistent trading than when you started.... and we want to change this!

Limitless Academy

The Limitless Forex Academy provides one complete Forex learning platform where you will find everything you need to learn to trade consistently. Our course teaches our highly profitable yet simple strategy and covers all the specific information needed to become a profitable trader - starting with the core basics of how the market moves, leading through our step by step strategy and entries, on to mindset development (this is key to all traders) and finally finishing in daily support and market outlooks in our private discord. Start off by learning, and then build the skill every day in a supportive trading environment.

Limitless Pro

Limitless Pro is a little different. In here, we focus purely on trades. You will receive our exact, honest trades, sent to you in real time in our private Telegram channel. These will not be the standard rubbish trades sent out by so many trading 'gurus', who send as many trades as possible every day, no matter the quality. Instead, these will be real trades taken exactly to our winning strategy, including clear entries, stop losses and profit targets, as well as honest results. Real traders react to what the market tells them and with Limitless PRO you can too. You will have a clear line of sight into the mind and decision-making of a professional trader, who earns a living from forex trading.


Our mission is to make forex profits as easy and accessible as possible, for as many people as we can - that is why we offer the options that we do, so you can become Limitless too.

Our Mission: Text
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