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About me

My trading journey started at the age of 18, in my first year of University. I was looking for ways to make some money without having to go and get a 'normal' part-time job. I dabbled in some smaller money makers, systemised betting, buying and selling, but these were very limited earners and nothing enjoyable. I then came across the forex and futures markets and my journey began,

I started off like everyone else, I had 0 understanding, thought it was easy and then got kicked back in to reality by the markets - after a couple of months I lost £800 on one oil trade because I did not have a stop loss! From there I stayed away from trading for a while, until I got into Binary Options. I thought that these were great, until I realised they involved little to no market understanding at all, and the risk to reward was very poor on each trade. So I transitioned into forex and threw all my time into learning the charts and watching how they moved.

I have tried many forex courses in my time, but I always felt that something important was missing in each one. A lot of them ignored risk management, a lot told me very basic market principles but never told me exactly how to actually enter trades... it became a cycle of useless course after useless course, and I never had easy access to support that I needed.

I was left feeling confused, I had no plan or strategy, but one thing I did have was a huge amount of time spent watching charts and learning for myself how they move. I decided to develop my own knowledge and form my own strategies in the market. I now trade with simplicity, no indicators or overly complicated strategies... just market structure and price action on 2 time frames only! I have been a full time trader since I left University, and now, many years later I share my knowledge with others in the hope of making that journey easier than it was for me.​

I became a trader the hard way, I have done it all on my own and it can seem a scary and lonely road, I know that feeling better than anyone. But, if I can help people make that journey without the confusion, without the loneliness and without taking all the years it took me, I will be a happy man!

James, Limitless Forex Academy

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